About Us

Fortress Square Capital is a commercial and residential financing firm that provides a wide range of options on income producing real estate throughout the United States. Founded in 2016, the firm is headquartered in California with offices opening in New York, Florida and Texas in 2019. Our firm derives capital from several sources including institutional entities, warehouse banking partners and high net worth individuals to fund various real estate projects for clients and referring partners alike.  

Our lending strategy was created to provide both short to long term loan financing opportunities for multiple asset classes of investment residential or commercial real estate. Our experienced team is able to understand the complexity of various types of loan requests and close deals quickly without compromising loan performance for our investor partners. We are growing and we continue to do so by offering programs to help clients gain access to capital that has not been available in the market place. 

Our goal is to continue to expand our market share and become a national valued partner and resource for those seeking financing for desirable investment property that does not fit into traditional institutional underwriting criteria.